20 September 2018 West Norwood Feast – 14.00-14.30, Sunday 7 October 2018

West Norwood Feast 07.10.18 v2

Allie K Stewart will be performing 14.00-14.30 at this wonderful local community festival and market in the heart of West Norwood. This October Feast will celebrate Black History Month with a great programme of events including drumming workshops, poetry and history talks. There’ll be music from other artists and you can join in with the […]

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01 July 2018 Happy Pill Festivale – Saturday, 4 August 2018

Happy Pill Festivale JPEG 2

Come get your Happy Pill at the Happy Pill Academy Festivale, Saturday, 4 August 2018. A fantastic line up of local and not so local live acts performing spoken word, songs, music, comedy from 3-11pm. Check out the programme below and join Allie K Stewart and other artists for this mini-festival, in conjunction with the […]

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20 June 2018 Word from the Equalitea Party Event – Saturday 30 June 2018

It’s an unseasonably hot summer’s day in England but this homespun Equalitea Party kicks off in the blaring sun at 2.30pm with marquees at the ready, despite the blustery wind. I joined one of the many Equaliteas events held around the country, 18 June – 22 July, to honour the heroines and heroes of the suffragette and suffragist movements […]

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15 June 2018 Live & Unplugged from the Antenna Cafe – Friday 6 July 2018

Image by Becc McNiff


Join Allie K Stewart for an evening of performances with talented local artists in support of local charity Gingerbread Corner.  Doors open at 7pm, performances at 8pm with Allie set to hit the stage at 10.30pm.  Free entry but donations are welcomed. Not only will you get to enjoy a great evening of live music, […]

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08 June 2018 EqualiTea Party @14.30-16.30 30 June 2018

Equaliteas 2

Join Allie K Stewart at the EqualiTeas Party celebrating heroines and heroes from the suffragette and suffragist movements who fought for equality and Women’s’ Right to Vote. Live music and performances by Allie K Stewart and Alison O’Palace… And: • home-made cakes • sandwiches • tea, coffee and soft drinks • outdoor games • speakers • […]

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