29 March 2017 Down at the Magic Garden, London, Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Come on down to see Allie K Stewart performing tunes from her Songstress EP at the very Magic Garden, Battersea, for an evening of music, solo acts, bands, and spoken word performances.

20 January 2017 Pics from the Long Play Gig, Melbourne

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Longplay gig in Melbourne and gave the love to Allie K Stewart and local acts Matt Wicking of The General Assembly and Cameron Elliott.

This was an intimate evening of electro-acoustic music amongst acquaintances, friends, friends of friends, and lovers of independent music.

A few images captured by the audience on the back of Allie’s performance airing tunes from her Songstress EP.

11 January 2017 Longplay with Allie K Stewart, Matt Wicking and Cameron Elliott, Melbourne, Australia

Allie K Stewart will be performing in Melbourne supporting two very talented  local songwriters Cameron Elliott, unveiling a stack of new songs, and Matt Wicking, warming up for his gig with The General Assembly at The Toff, 4  February.

They’ll be taking the stage at favourite local music venue, LongPlay, 8.30pm onwards.  Find further details about the event on Facebook.

If you haven’t seen either Cameron or Matt perform prepare for magic and goosebumps. https://thegeneralassembly.bandcamp.com/

And if you don’t already know, Allie K Stewart writes songs for the broken and the brave as a way to understand, to be understood, and connect:

Join us for a special evening among friends and music lovers.

LongPlay Gig Image for FB Invite


08 January 2017 Post Harbour View Hotel

It was a great night down at the Harbour View Hotel last Thursday. A load of talented acts like Monica and The Explosion with a bunch of great tunes and music, in a mix of genres from folk to rock to beat-boxing and electro-acoustic performances, and Allie K Stewart performing songs from her Songstress EP,


02 January 2017 A Few Tunes @ the Harbour View Hotel, Sydney, 5 January 2017

Join us at the Harbour View Hotel, The Rocks, Sydney to see Allie K Stewart performing tunes from her Songstress EP, and a a bunch of other acts performing original, independent music.

The Harbour View is a lovely venue in a great location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with views, as you might imagine, overlooking the water.

We look forward to seeing you there.

[Image: Thanks to Monica from Monica and the Explosion]

Harbour View Hotel January 2017


15 December 2016 Tunes at the Crystal Palace Food Market, London, 17 December 2016

Come along to the Crystal Palace Food Market, Saturday, 17 December 2016 and catch Allie K Stewart performing tunes from her Songstress EP (also available on iTunes). Along with Douglas John Thorp of  BrokenBiscuits also reading an excerpt, or two, from Idle Eye. They’ll be chatting, singing, reading, signing and selling copies of their wares, cd, books and merchandise.

Crystal Palace Food Market FB Event Image JPEG