11 March 2018 Blog Taverne Zum Vollmond, 24 June 2017


I thought the hard part was done – London to Freiburg.  Over the chalky cliffs of Dover, scooting in and out of France, crossing into Belgium and briefly dipping a toe in Luxembourg before arriving in Germany on a balmy June evening. In a quaint suburb on the outskirts of Freiburg near Vauban – a […]

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19 February 2018 Paxton Centre – 16 February 2018

Paxton Centre Open Mic Feb 2018

Allie K Stewart performs down at the Paxton Centre. A night of singer songwriters, poets, musicians celebrating art and creativity.            

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26 September 2017 Breathe live video of the Lantern Society set


Watch Allie K Stewart performing Breathe, a track from her Songstress EP, live at the Lantern Society  

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06 September 2017 Live Footage from the Lantern Society – Ghost Captains (Lost at Sea)

Ghost Captains

We finally have the live footage of Allie K Stewart’s performance at this intimate evening of music and song. Just click on the link below to view it.  

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25 August 2017 Live Footage from the Sofa Concert Switzerland – Wild Things


Watch Wild Things, which is the first clip from the sofa concert Allie K Stewart played in Switzerland. Allie performed solo tracks from her Songstress EP. With thanks to Thomas Marti for the video along with Tatyana for inviting me to perform.

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