01 February 2019 Allie K Stewart @ Red Betty, Houdini Lane, Melbourne – Thursday, 28 February 2019

Red Betty

Allie K Stewart will be performing at Red Betty, Brunswick, Melbourne on Thursday, 28 February 2019. Enter via Houdini Lane, behind 859a Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Previously a theatre for magic shows, Red Betty is now an intimate venue hosting post-punk, indie-pop, rock and hip hop to soul, funk, reggae, DJ’s and anything in between. If […]

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20 January 2019 Paddo RSL, Sydney – Saturday, 23 February 2019


Allie K Stewart will be performing at Paddo RSL, Oxford Street, Paddington 19:30 on Saturday, 23 February 2019 along with other guests including Mr Harvey. Join Allie for a dose of Indie Grit Balladry and if you’re not in town share the gig with friends. Support independent art and artists.  

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20 September 2018 West Norwood Feast – 14.00-14.30, Sunday 7 October 2018

West Norwood Feast 07.10.18 v2

Allie K Stewart will be performing 14.00-14.30 at this wonderful local community festival and market in the heart of West Norwood. This October Feast will celebrate Black History Month with a great programme of events including drumming workshops, poetry and history talks. There’ll be music from other artists and you can join in with the […]

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20 July 2018 Word from the Equalitea Party Event – Saturday 30 June 2018

Equalitea Party - 2018 - Allie K Stewart

It’s an unseasonably hot summer’s day in England but this homespun Equalitea Party kicks off in the blaring sun at 2.30pm with marquees at the ready, despite the blustery wind. I joined one of the many Equaliteas events held around the country, 18 June – 22 July, to honour the heroines and heroes of the suffragette and suffragist movements […]

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15 July 2018 Footage from ‘Live & Unplugged at the Antenna Cafe’ Friday 6 July 2018

What a brilliant evening at Live and Unplugged at the Antenna Cafe. A night fronted by fearless female performers hosted by the Happy Pill Academy  Allie K Stewart was the final act after fantastic performances by Eli, Susie B, Amy Curtis, Leila Williams and Julia Robinson, and you can catch a clip of her performance […]

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