2019-20 sees Allie K Stewart focused on recording a live studio EP and writing material for the next album.

Allie released her Songstress EP in 2017, featuring unreleased songs performed over some years, and subsequently toured in the UK and Australia. 2018 saw her continuing to perform at festivals, fringe events, hosting music programmes, and playing live invite only gigs for music lovers, sometimes collaborating with other visual and performing artists.

Born to Scottish parents, Allie is a first generation Australian based in London. Her rich heritage, the landscapes of her childhood, and the elemental forces of her native land are distilled in her songs – steeped in the soul of the Celtic blues and as raw as the earth.

Allie K Stewart has an alternative sound she coins ‘Indie Grit’ aka ‘Indie Grit-Balladry’ rooted in blues, rock and folk-punk and peppered with musical influences, from gipsy to electro-acoustic, indie-pop and electronic. With a lyrical style reminiscent of magic-realism, and at times hyperbolic and semi-autobiographical. A songstress of the intimate and rousing Allie is billed as “a soulful and powerful voice” (Uncivilisation Festival).  Her emotive songs have raw edge and observational power and are delivered in a style that is both fragile and defiant.

In ‘Songstress’ she gives a flavour of her diverse music range in the blues tinged, dream-like reflection on loss, ‘Desert Flower’. She observes the mood and grim realities of global conflict in ‘Breathe’, reveals fragility in the intimate entreaty ‘Evelyn’, and acts as a witness with a call to rise in the Gipsy-folk inspired ‘Revolution’.

Allie has been described as “compelled to make music for the broken and the brave”. To understand, be understood, and connect.

Previously collaborating and performing with other artists, musicians and bands Allie began writing and performing her own material, releasing an EP in 2017.

Inspirators include old blues Howlin’ Wolf et al. Early Jazz, Harlem swing to Miles to early garage rock Credence Clearwater Revival, Animals, Deep Purple, Violent Femmes, early Midnight Oil and AC/DC to the Avante-Garde like Captain Beefheart and early INXS to Diamanda Galas. The observational storytelling and soulfulness of Cat Stevens and Ben Harper, the fragility of Billie Holiday, power of Nina Simone, and soaring emotional range of Carole King to torch singers to Ida Kelarova. Loving the gutsy wrench of Janis Joplin and the poetry of high priestess, and queen of punk-rock, Patti Smith, she resonates with the dispossession of grunge, Radiohead and Nirvana, and has eclectic influences from gipsy- folk, Baltic to middle-eastern. To the lo-fi, ambient Zero 7 and electronica Goldfrapp and dance music. She’s inspired by the delicately dark, playful and evocative like The Cure and Bjork’s fierce, immense and heartful songs…. to name a few.