03 June 2018 Post Gipsy Hill Sessions – The Lounge Gig – 2nd June 2018

The Gipsy Hill Sessions – Lounge Gig was a great success!  Full to capacity we had a crowd of over forty enthusiastic people supporting the artists. Starting off the night with an open jam with tunes from Pete Bennett, Matt Ibbs and Alison O’Palace.

The programme kicked off with Rebecca Larkin on Comedy duty with her weird and wonderful take on the road handbook, and other life observations – as we followed her down the rabbit hole.  This was followed by Veeraj Lutchman on Indie, Soul, Pop duty with his emotive songs and voice drawing us into his Indie Soul world.  Lastly Allie K Stewart performed her self coined Indie Grit (aka Indie Grit Balladry) for the fantastic crowd giving us the full spectrum of her soulful and diverse style, in songs with raw edge and observational power.

Much veg chilli was eaten and alcohol imbibed – gauging by the aftermath and immense clean up! Friends were made, numbers exchanged, and gigs arranged!

That’s just a little bit of the magic we create in the lovin’ arms of the Gipsy Hill Sessions!


15 May 2018 Exciting news. Allie K Stewart adds vocals to music video projet by Erik Moore

Exciting news. Allie K Stewart worked on a project ‘Jam at the End of the World’ by Erik Moore adding vocals to the music video track.

A preview screening was held at at ZeroOne in Soho last month.

Click the link below watch and  listen, and let us know what you think?

https://vimeo.com/268144238 l

05 May 2018 Desert Flower by Allie K Stewart on Spotify Playlist

Great news. Desert Flower a song by Allie K Stewart is on a Spotify playlist called ‘Sounds Like London’. Created by fellow musician Kate Thomas on the back of the Mayor of London’s (Sadiq Khan) new scheme to support the grassroots music scene in London. Listen, follow, support and like if you like it.

It’s a fantastic, eclectic, mix of music that demonstrates the vibrant, diverse and dynamic grassroots scene in London. And has seen interest from music agents and bookers and had a mention on Phoenix FM and interest from promoters. Well done Kate!

25 April 2018 Gipsy Hill Sessions – The Lounge Gig, Saturday, 2 June 2018

Join Allie K Stewart for another instalment of the ‘Gipsy Hill Sessions – Lounge Gig’. Yes, you heard it here. Allie K Stewart will be hosting and performing her indie grit balladry ft. Yuri Betancourt Garcia at another Gipsy Hill Sessions with a fantastic bunch of people including other independent artists Veeraj Lutchman (Indie soul) Rebecca Larkin (comedy).

In a unique setting that aims to break down barriers between artists and audience, to create an intimate evening, with a sense of community. And to provide spaces for diverse people to share their talents, whether it be on the programme or in the open space beforehand. We reject the mainstream approach of art and artists as a commodity. And the hierarchies and hoops that audience and artists can be subject to. Your presence is part of the ambience and conversation in an evening that’s about connection, imbibing what’s on offer artistically…. and stepping into the magic.

Availability is limited so get tickets here: booking@alliekstewart.com

01 April 2018 Hastings Fringe Festival 9pm, Thursday, 12 July 2018

Allie K Stewart will be performing at the Seed Bar, Hastings Old Town, during the Hastings Fringe Festival, 9pm Fringe Festival, Thursday, 12 July 2018.  We’d love to see you there and for more information on tickets email info@alliekstewart.com.

Hastings Fringe is an independent, inclusive, and friendly festival dedicated to nurturing local, national and international performances by emerging and established artists from all arts disciplines.

The festival runs throughout the summer.

Hastings Fringe 3