20 April 2016 Allie K Stewart ‘Songstress EP’ Launch + Special Guests

Hola Dear Friends, Supporters, Artists, Interlopers and all those who came along, and all those who couldn’t, to the Allie K Stewart Songstress EP launch with Special Guests,

WE made it happen. Songstress EP launch – tick.  In raw, bare bones, style me and The Band (Danilo Rodrigues and Yuri Betancourt) – they were ssshmokin’, and drew admirers to their bemusement – fired off with Breathe, a hyperbolic, satirical, commentary on the machinations of war, then diving into Desert Flower, an ode to lost and unrequited love, moved into the intimate entreaty that is, Evelyn. Nothing could stop us, not even a hand cramp or wayward capo on the wrong fret. The rocking, enthusiastic crowd, soaked us up, gave it back, and got it! – YES Revolution IS the one where YOU join in! – Hand-clapping, foot-stamping, hoots, whoops and hollers – sharing the love.

Thank YOU for coming, sharing in the evening, showing your love, and buying the Songstress EP. And for those who donated in ‘pay what you want’ style. Like I forgot to say on the night – with the hosting, much to do, say, and think about, brain melt – It’s people like YOU that make independent artists flourish. We need you. There are many ways to show support and it isn’t always monetary either. So yes, buy music or go to shows but also share, tell family, friends and colleagues about music or art that inspires you.  About artists who rocked you, blogs you’ve devoured, and shows you love. Tell friends, keep coming to shows, tell more friends, tell them to tell their friends and ….you’ve got it.

On that note, anyone who’s curious or wants to share a link to the digital version can go to Songstress EP – limited edition copies are also available for £5.00 (plus p&p) just email info@alliekstewart.com.

Now, it was an unexpected treat finding the multi-percussive Danilo, who turned up a month before to add cajon and percussion to the mix. And it’s always great to have the multi-wayward-instrumentalist Yuri Betancourt burning up the bass frets. As ever with gigs – life, rehearsals, musicians, schedules, hectic, mishaps and illness – getting together for just one, let alone, a few rehearsals was a challenge. And despite violin, cello, cajon, musicians initially coming and going, we pulled it off. The Songstress EP was launched!  Bam!

We even had a little coverage prior to the event with an article in the Croydon Guardian.

This evening was also about supporting talented, independent, artists – the special guests I was fortunate to have on the evening presented by the Gipsy Hill Sessions:

Michelle Jane Wormleighton opening the night delighted us with her intricate and comedic storytelling as George the spider, Joe Duggan moved us with his poetic observations and insights and Winston Skerritt soothed and wooed with his dulcet tones and soulful tunes.

I’m thrilled it came together so well – who knew?  And that’s the thing. You never know what’s going to happen (especially when you beg for and borrow everything) putting on an event. Will people come? Will they like it? Will the performers show up? (yes), will the electrics fail? (no joke! ;-), will the lighting work? (still no joke), the sound desk break? (a definite possibility!), the host have a fit? (not likely) or the PA blow up!? (it didn’t).

As it happens the ‘Songstress EP Launch’ was a magical affair imbued with love and passion. It’s wonderful to put on a night that lights a fire in people, to watch them unfurl, open to creativity and their own inspiration.

See photos below and click video to see footage of the evening thanks to Alex Hitchcock, and Jani Jylha.

Lastly, and most valuably, with thanks and love to all those who made it happen on the night Daniela Othieno, Vincent Oyenga, Sarah Murphy, Jani Jylha, Stephen Hutchings, Keith Waller, Carl Chamberlain, Jon Dickinson and Antenna Studios.